A Letter from the Founder

The Knowing Group far extends the three companies currently in our portfolio.

It harbors a vision of a brighter, more connected community; within our businesses, within our homes, and within ourselves, predicated on a deep knowing. A knowing that begins first internally and extends externally, that we might present ourselves authentically and subsequently meet others with empathy.

The years following the start of the business in 2019 – formerly known as Starin Strategies – were marked by a series of highs and lows – and not just by way of a global pandemic, which arrived at our collective doorsteps six months later. My personal life was dismantled, which ultimately led to my recognizing the importance of the knowing of self; being powered by authenticity to allow for more meaningful and impactful connections with others.

For the degree of ability to know others and truly empathize is in direct proportion to the knowing and awareness of our own self, and the subsequent authenticity that we are willing to present.

Our personal and professional selves are never disconnected.

I cannot help but allow this newfound knowing to spill into the way we conduct our business, the conversations shared on podcasts and interviews, the presentations from on stages, and even in my new book, Knowing, set to release in the Autumn of 2024.

The world is hungry for connection, and its inhabitants are craving to be seen and known. The consumer has changed. And businesses must respond.

When we as executives can truly lead by example, doing our own deep work to know ourselves and thus lead from a place of authenticity and empathy, I wholeheartedly believe we will see a colossal difference, not only in our businesses and workplaces but within our very homes.

While existential in nature, the practical application is powerful. We have seen significant movement in applying this process for leading brands, such as executives at Amazon, or in our strategy and execution of storytelling and social media for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Likewise, local brands are connecting at a deeper level with their customers by leading with authenticity, consequently driving conversions while simultaneously forming empathy-driven connections and loyalty to the brands.


The Knowing Group may cultivate the knowing of self and also the healing thereof.

My vision is that this knowing and this healing permeates the lives of executives, business leaders, coaches, colleagues, parents, siblings, and children. My vision is to create a path forward that is guided by emotional intelligence for healthier, whole, and known individuals to exist and coexist in this beautiful world.

The road ahead is a long one. We will not be done with our work anytime soon. I am both humbled and grateful that this vision is powered by the entire team at The Knowing Group, with each individual bringing a unique essence to the summation of the whole.

And with that, I welcome you to The Knowing Group!

All the best,
Christene Marie

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