Announcement: The Knowing Newsletter

Christene Marie- A Letter of Knowing

The previous four blog posts, linked below, are the extended ponderings from the first of my newsletter, titled The Knowing Newsletter.  Truth (Part 1) | The Meaning Truth (Part 2) | The Sophistication Truth (Part 3) | The Preservation Truth (Part 4) | The Practice The three references—self, others, and business—are discussed in all four posts, but namely in Truth … Read More

Truth (Part 4) | The Practice

Christene Marie - The Manifestation of the Sophistication of Truth

In the previous blog post, we discussed how emotions can corrupt the preservation of truth and how every soul is a reflection of the Divine. We then asked ourselves the following question: Do you, I, and those around us want to know the truth? The guardrails of truth, gentleness, wisdom, and patience can help us preserve and, ultimately, present the … Read More

Truth (Part 3) | The Preservation

Christene Marie - Fostering the Preservation of Truth

Previously, we discussed gentleness, wisdom, and patience and how those three components can preserve the structural integrity of the truth without compromising its weight when it is presented to others. Under this lens, I still contend that the presentation of truth can be more important than the truth itself. Outlined below are two reasons as to why: The Sophistication Of … Read More

Truth (Part 2) | The Sophistication

Christene Marie - The Sophistication of Truth

In my previous blog post, I sought to answer the question, “Could the sophistication of the truth be more important than the truth itself?” As a reminder, the manner in which truth is presented is what I consider to be the “sophistication of the truth.”  Before I could dive into this exploration with you, though, we had to lay the … Read More

Truth (Part 1) | The Meaning

Christene Marie - The Meaning of Truth Itself

Could the sophistication of the truth be more important than the truth itself? The manner in which truth is presented is what I consider to be the sophistication of the truth. This question trespasses every area of life, namely for the purposes of this letter: Self Relationships Business Before we can intelligently delve into this question, we must agree upon … Read More

The Gatekeeper of Our Soul

Christene Marie - The Gatekeeper of Our Soul

Our actions and behaviors are merely a reflection of our souls. The studies and experiments that have been conducted revealing the power of words spoken to plants or literal droplets of water blow me away! Plants wither and droplets of water become dirty when negative words are spoken. Conversely, plants thrive, and water droplets crystallize as the direct ramification of … Read More

The Beauty of Becoming: Finding Pleasure in the Process

Christene Marie - Lack or Gain

Deriving pleasure in the process rather than the progress. Yesterday evening, I was sitting on my little grey loveseat couch drinking Mark Tarbell’s wine – I highly recommend joining his wine club, Cha Cha Mouche, absolutely delicious. (I moved back into my little condo nestled in the village of Shirlington yesterday. Over the last two years, it has served as … Read More

Mistakes from 2023

Christene Marie - Mistakes from 2023

No. 1: Leading with the service, not the transformation Focus on the transformation; make the client the hero of the story while you serve as the sherpa. Examine your pitch, proposals, and processes. Ensure the client transformation is at the forefront, with relevant case studies featuring proof of concept through storytelling and SOPs as the necessary guardrails. No. 2: Emailing … Read More

A Letter from the Founder

Christene Marie - A Letter from the Founder

The Knowing Group far extends the three companies currently in our portfolio. It harbors a vision of a brighter, more connected community; within our businesses, within our homes, and within ourselves, predicated on a deep knowing. A knowing that begins first internally and extends externally, that we might present ourselves authentically and subsequently meet others with empathy. The years following … Read More