The Guiding Voice: Little Black Books and Business

little black books and business pivot

  Recently, I was a guest on a podcast when the host posed the following question: How can business leaders know when to pivot?  I smiled, considering the underlying theme of our June blog posts: The guiding voice.  While at the outset he presented a good question, it begs an even deeper one:  Why should business leaders pivot?  If you … Read More

The Guiding Voice: Knowing Your Why

know your why

  My morning routine is one of the most essential elements in my life. I must honor it at all costs to ensure I live in accordance with my Ideal — who I want to be.   My routine consists of the following, give or take 30 minutes:  4:00 AM Wake-up & Workout & Shower  5:15 AM Vertical Alignment  6:30 … Read More

The Guiding Voice: External Alignment

knowing external alignment

As I write this, I am in the Willow Barkery on Prince Edward Island. My eldest sister, Jen, and her daughter, Elissa Rose, are opposite me. I was knee-deep in finalizing details for the next Knowing Retreat when I heard Jen exclaim, “Did you think of that all by yourself? That’s brilliant!”  I perked up.  My niece and goddaughter is … Read More

How Do You Show Up When You’re Alone?

Conducting an analysis of ourselves is one of the most challenging tasks, requiring high self-awareness. A common question related to this pursuit, “How well do you know yourself?” is vague and lacks clear KPIs (key performance indicators). “How well” on what scale? According to what measure of analysis? Considering the concept of analyzing ourselves begs the question, “Where do I … Read More

How Do You Show Up in Business?

My team and I were gearing up for a launch; deadlines were impending, and we were moving quickly. However, the week was riddled with miscommunication, and on the third occasion, I found myself wondering, “Why does this keep happening?” “Is it me?” As I heard myself, I paused.  The fact I had to ask the question, “Is it me?“ forced me … Read More

How Do You Show Up in Relationships?

Christene Marie show up in relationships

I was terrified to know myself. Throughout my childhood, considering Self was akin to selfishness. Given my Christian Conservative upbringing, we were encouraged to think solely of the needs of others. As a result, the happiness of those around me was my top priority. But the consequence was that my soul was entirely unexplored. Those around me dictated who and … Read More

Announcement: The Knowing Newsletter

Announcement - the Knowing Newsletter

The previous four blog posts, linked below, are the extended ponderings from the first of my newsletter, titled The Knowing Newsletter.  Truth (Part 1) | The Meaning Truth (Part 2) | The Sophistication Truth (Part 3) | The Preservation Truth (Part 4) | The Practice The three references—self, others, and business—are discussed in all four posts, but namely in Truth … Read More

Truth (Part 4) | The Practice

The Practice of Truth

In the previous blog post, we discussed how emotions can corrupt the preservation of truth and how every soul is a reflection of the Divine. We then asked ourselves the following question: Do you, I, and those around us want to know the truth? The guardrails of truth, gentleness, wisdom, and patience can help us preserve and, ultimately, present the … Read More

Truth (Part 3) | The Preservation

The Preservation of Truth

Previously, we discussed gentleness, wisdom, and patience and how those three components can preserve the structural integrity of the truth without compromising its weight when it is presented to others. Under this lens, I still contend that the presentation of truth can be more important than the truth itself. Outlined below are two reasons as to why: The Sophistication Of … Read More

Truth (Part 2) | The Sophistication

In my previous blog post, I sought to answer the question, “Could the sophistication of the truth be more important than the truth itself?” As a reminder, the manner in which truth is presented is what I consider to be the “sophistication of the truth.”  Before I could dive into this exploration with you, though, we had to lay the … Read More