Truth (Part 3) | The Preservation

Previously, we discussed gentleness, wisdom, and patience and how those three components can preserve the structural integrity of the truth without compromising its weight when it is presented to others.

Under this lens, I still contend that the presentation of truth can be more important than the truth itself. Outlined below are two reasons as to why:

The Sophistication Of The Truth Fosters The Preservation Of Truth

There are two core reasons behind my contention that the sophistication, or presentation of truth, can be more important than the truth itself.

1) Emotions can corrupt the preservation of truth.

Unbridled passion is so often the companion of truth. 

Yet our ability to clearly see the truth is in direct proportion to our ability to master our emotions. 

Mastering our emotions is predicated on knowing our soul, which is the ‘seat of our emotions,’ according to Thomas More, a philosopher Erasmus assigned as a “man for all seasons.” 

When we experience intense emotions, we usually try to make logical sense of them and assign a reason. We do this by looking externally and assigning blame.

But before we look externally, we must
first assume responsibility to look internally. 

We must know our own selves and ask, “Why?” Tracing our emotions to the root experience or cause.

Knowing what lies within protects you and me from extending an emotional response to the objective reality and the other party. It protects our visibility into what is from becoming cloudy out of emotional charge. 

For in the wake of unbridled emotion, the truth of what is can be devastating. 

Families, futures, and everything in between have been upended in a matter of mere moments because truth lacked sophistication. 

The sophistication of truth informs our examination of what is first within our self and then couches the delivery of what could otherwise be devastating.

Gentleness, wisdom, and patience breathe life and love
into the presentation of truth, preserving it in the process.

Unbridled emotions in the present moment can prevent our ability to know the truth because we are blinded by the pain or wounds of unresolved traumas or triggers.

The propensity for harmful outcomes is colossal when unbridled emotions are the powering source of truth.

You and I must first assume personal responsibility to know and then master our emotions. 

The truth itself is at stake.

2) I believe each human soul is the reflection of the very nature of the Divine.

Therefore, I hold that each individual at their deepest level knows the truth without the need for your or my intervention. 

Granted, there is a plethora of nuance to this sentiment. 

I can indeed err on the edge of naivety in my hopes that others intend and aim for the very best. Which, consequently, has prevented me from seeing the truth of what is and reality in the past. On other occasions, it has protected me from projection and assigning improper blame or judgment.

Yet in this nuance, believing in the goodness and beauty of another does not automatically abdicate personal responsibility to deliver the truth, but always with the qualities of gentleness and wisdom.

So, allowing for the existence of nuance given the person, place, and dynamic, among many other extenuating elements constituting the sophistication of truth’s presentation, I include the above sentiment with intention. 

Given this belief, the next logical question follows: 

Do you and I and those around us want to know the truth?

For if we know the truth deep within our innermost parts, we must conclude that either we are simply not awake enough to see it or we seek to ignore it. 

The reality of what is can indeed produce pain; however, within truth lies the keys to freedom. 

Therefore, the sophistication of truth lends to awakening our souls to the truth of what is for the sake of freedom. Let us always remember the reason for propelling the presentation of truth, whether we are telling the truth to our self or another. 

Please see the following blog post for how all of this pertains to your self, relationships, and business.