Announcement: The Knowing Newsletter

The previous four blog posts, linked below, are the extended ponderings from the first of my newsletter, titled The Knowing Newsletter

The three references—self, others, and business—are discussed in all four posts, but namely in Truth (Part 4) | The Practice, and they are the subjects we will discuss throughout the upcoming letters. 

As a strong brand sets emotional expectations for the anticipated experience and then surpasses them through surprising delight, please see the following regarding this letter and its intent. 

Distribution Frequency | A Letter of Knowing will be distributed on a monthly basis.

Content Pillars | As outlined above, the pillars of this letter are as follows: Self, Relationships, and Business. 

Modes & Mediums | Letters will contain short descriptions and links to various videos and blogs about the topics above. The content itself will be hosted on various platforms, including websites and social channels. 

Curation Of Content | Currently, the letter will be curated with content completely crafted by me. However, I am the very first to throw up my hand and ask the question of “Why?” from countless others. And I want you to benefit from them, too. Whether content is shared via our personal conversations captured on podcasts, through videos or in writings, my chief aim is to share rich content, full of wisdom and truth, that is worthy of being consumed. Access to you via your email inbox is an absolute privilege – a privilege I hold in high regard. 

As to whether this letter will be professionally or personally driven? 

I contend that a letter written by a human and contrived of the soul will never be solely one or the other. 

For strategy and self touch every part of our life. 

If you would like personal, relational, and business wellness content delivered to your inbox each month, sign up here for my monthly newsletter.

All my best,
Christene Marie

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